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Above: Elizabeth Stahl, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Lara Croft Berry

Autumn 2021 marks the ten year anniversary of the beginning of the recording sessions for The Goddess Show, a program rooted in exploring the Sacred Feminine & Great Mysteries. A Goddess Summit was also held in 2011 hosted by Twinkle” Marie Manning. The content from the show and the summit has been transformed into brief excerpts, full-length interviews, a documentary, and books. This media archive is made possible via Empowering Women TV and Matrika Press. Below you will find information about the program, our team and our guests.

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Created by Executive Producer, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, The Goddess Show‘s first season of guests include a diverse group of female leaders in women-honoring traditions. Twinkle was joined by co-hosts Lara Berry and Elizabeth Stahl. The space for the summit was made available by the amazing Jeannette Kearny, to whom we have deep gratitude for. Most of the one-on-one interviews were recorded at LexMedia. ((Click name of guests and hosts below to bring you to their page on this website)):

ALisa Starkweather,

Dale Allen,

Elinor Gadon,

Isadora Leidenfrost

Kiana Love,

Lisa Campion,

Margaret Stewart,



. . . to list a few amazing women who’ve blessed us with their time and gifts.

Interviews hosted by:

Elizabeth Stahl

Lara Croft Berry,

and “Twinkle” Marie Manning.

2011 Goddess Summit, Lexington, Massachusetts

During this initial season, in addition to the one-on-one interviews, Twinkle hosted a Goddess Summit with several of the above listed guests and hosts participating!

Special thanks to Jeannette Kearny and Mark McMinn for their support of TV for Your Soul programs.

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Goddess Summit 2011 Documentary & Excerpts + 2021 Gathering of Women.

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