“Twinkle” Marie Manning

Known as “Twinkle” by many, Marie Manning has been creating, producing and directing transformational media content for more than two decades. She is the founder and executive producer of TV for Your Soul. Her complete media resume is lengthy, as she has helped develop and support myriad projects for others in addition to her own. This page focuses on much of the content and projects related directly to TV for Your Soul and Twinkle’s hands-on presence.

Below are images from, and links to, various productions “Twinkle” has created and/or produced/directed and/or hosted/facilitated over the years. Including: Contributions to Earth; The Goddess Show; Body, Mind and Spirit; Room of One’s Own, The Power of One, Wedding Essentials, TEDxWaldenPond; Conversations on PBS; Celebrity Profiles; Celebrity Charities; coverage of the International Women’s Day and One Billion Rising Events and, of course, her Empowering Women TV Series and Signature Events.

To date, Empowering Women television content has been recorded in Massachusetts, Florida, California and Maine. FOR More Detailed information about the Empowering Women Series and Signature Events, including how you can join our team and/or become a guest or sponsor, visit:http://www.empoweringwomentv.org

Twinkle interviewing Tam Veilleux for Empowering Women Maine Authors Series Season #1.
Twinkle interviewing Connie Clark for Empowering Women Maine Authors Series Season #1.

To View Season #1 Full interviews of Empowering Women TV’s Maine Authors Series, CLICK HERE.

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The Goddess Show Series & Goddess Summits

Elinor Gadon & Twinkle
Starhawk & Twinkle
Guest, Host, Crew and Audience in Lexington, MA Studio

On the Set of Get Conscious Now in Santa Barbara, California

Cast, Crew and Guests of Get Conscious Now! (circa 2015)
Amy Jo Goddard (guest) “Twinkle” Marie Manning (Floor Director)
Stu Zee (co-Host), Emiliano Campobello, Patricia Diorio (Host) and Adam C Hall
Twinkle floor directing in Santa Barbara

Television Show and Events
Body, Mind & Spirit Festival Leadership hosted by TV for Your Soul in Marblehead, MA
Interviewing Vince Neil, NBA Allstar – Conversations on PBS Affiliate Daytona Beach
Interview with surf icon – Lisa Andersen
Island Life Interview on Radio with Holly Rose
Room of One’s Own Pilot with Neil “Spyder” Giraldo
Television Series and Signature Events

On the set of Empowering Women at LexMedia in Lexington, MA circa 2012.
TV for Your Soul Launch Party – June 20th, 2011
Above pictured: Meghan Gilroy, co-host of Body, Mind & Spirit, Suzy Spivey and Chew Hong Koh, co-hosts of Empowering Women, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, founder and executive producer TV for Your Soul, Elizabeth Stahl, co-host of The Goddess Show.

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