Body, Mind & Spirit TV Series and Council

The Body, Mind and Spirit Project began as a magazine-style talk show designed to shed light on the transformational wellness field. It is part of the TV for Your Soul franchise of shows. We had a wonderful run for several years in Marblehead, MA supported by local spiritual wellness industry and production partners. The show and the annual event has been on hiatus since 2015. We welcome the opportunity to reinvent this platform in Marblehead, and other locations throughout USA.


In the meantime, please browse the content below and throughout this Website and Facebook Page for archives, videos and photos of some of the most amazing people and projects in the Body, Mind and Spirit world today!

Mini History: With the launch of the Body, Mind & Spirit EXPO & Festival in 2012 in Marblehead, MA many in the local fields of transformation and whole wellness expressed interest in continual collaboration. Thus, the North Shore Body, Mind & Spirit Council was formed. Television Show Lead Host Dr. Peter Martone with Guest Ivana Ustariz:

The Body, Mind & Spirit Councils served their community in a multitude of ways, including:

– facilitating monthly gatherings that bring together the practitioners in the community to network and enhance their understanding of each other.

– hosts an Annual Body, Mind & Spirit Festival open to the entire community.

– publisheing an annual print and online Guide connecting readers with resources, blogs, experts, advice.

– contributes to TV for Your Soul’s Sojourn With Light Workers anthologies series.

– produces the Body, Mind & Spirit TV Talk show segments and episodes. Lead Wisdom Council 

NOTE: Some above links may have expired and will be renewed should a new Body, Mind & Spirit council come to exist again :)

Council Members have included: Ivana Ustariz, Joan Amaral, Lauren Bodenski and Twinkle-Marie Manning. We welcome new members to inquire about becoming leaders on our Wisdom Council.

In the meantime, and as always, archives of this vital program is available online. Should you wish to air episodes in your community, have your local station go to the website and download TV for Your Soul content!

Some links are posted below. Also, be sure to visit Dr. Peter Martone’s page as he often goes live with video talks to benefit the community.

Clips of video archives:

Guest Hosts have included:

Meghan Gilroy                            
Chew-Hoong Koh

Creator & Executive Producer:

“Twinkle” Marie Manning

Honorary Producer:

Beth Guidry Hoffman

Content & Cast Coach

Jeannette Kearney

In gratitude to our original Co-dreamer:

Debbie Paulk


In 2010 Producer and Television Developer “Twinkle” Marie Manning sent out a casting call for several of her new television talk show creations.  The original Body, Mind & Spirit cast emerged as Megan Gilroy, Dr. Peter Martone, and Chew-Hoong Koh.  The filmed initial episodes in Lexington, MA with the assistance of Jeannette Kearny and LexMedia.   Once the show was established, Megan Gilroy presented TV for Your Soul’s Body, Mind & Spirit TV Show to the Marblehead community by hosting the launch of the pilot show in the autumn of 2011. The community embraced this TV for Your Soul production. Soon many transformational and whole wellness practitioners were requesting interviews and the community was requesting networking. This transformed into an annual Signature Event. (scroll to bottom for images) This project continued until 2015.

Above pictured: Erin Burke, Nikolai Gilroy, Jamie Gilroy, Meghan Gilroy, Dr. Peter Martone,”Twinkle” Marie Manning, Carolena Presto, Twinkle’s son Orion.
Above pictured: Elaine Wintman, Dr. Peter Martone, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Carolena Presto, Meghan Gilroy

Featured Guests include:

Kevin Murray, Elaine Wintman, Dr. Christopher Kent, Linda Marks, Danisa Perry, Rita Rivera Fox, Bonnie Serratore.

TV for Your Soul recorded Body, Mind & Spirit interview with filmmaker Danisa Perry in front of a live studio audience:

Dr. Peter Martone has a thriving wellness practice in Massachusetts. 

Megan Gilroy relocated to the White Mountains with her family.  Check in on all that is changing and growing in her world:

Pilot episodes were filmed on location in Lexington, MA with special guest host Chew-Hoong Koh:

1 Chew Hoong Koh 2 screen shot bw
Chew-Hoong Koh, Law of Attraction Facilitator & Host on Empowering Women TV Boston Hub

See what Chew-Hoong and Empowering Women Teams in Boston and throughout the USA are up to:

Body, Mind & Spirit Signature TV for Your Soul Events:

Festival Participant – Sole Practitioner (one person)
– $150 /annual  – if paid in full by September 25th, 2014

– $175 – for enrollments after September 25th, 2014

  • Includes Premium Member status (value of $60)
  • Opportunity to present a talk, seminar or workshop at Festival (limited time slots on a first signed, first scheduled basis)
  • Plus opportunity to become a contributor for our online community and print publications.

Festival Sponsor (small business or group)
– $225 / annual
Same benefits as Sole Practitioner

– Only Festival Participants at a minimum of Sole Practitioner level are granted the opportunity to give presentations or lead workshops at our Festivals. Limited number due to time constraints. Applications available on a first come, first serve basis, and slots are determined by the Festival committee.

Wisdom Councils

Body, Mind & Spirit Council Members are invited to apply to join our Wisdom Council to offer guidance and support committees to assist with the direction and content of the TV Show, Annual Event, monthly member gatherings and publicity.

Candidates have strong entrepreneurial-spirit and are civic-minded individuals interested in guiding our marketing, media, fundraising and networking.

Also they may have an interest in volunteering on-set during filming and/or hosting events.

* Active Members may apply to:

Other than the initial membership fee, there is no additional cost to join the North Shore Body, Mind & Spirit Council at this time.

Wisdom Council Members have include:

Planning group for Nimo Patel’s visit in 2014!

First Tuesdays

A time to deepen our relationship with Body, Mind & Spirit Members

Beginning in October 2013, Body, Mind & Spirit’s Wisdom Council will host small gatherings at St. Andrews on the First Tuesday of every other month.

The intent is for those in the whole wellness and transformational fields to have regularly scheduled networking and community building activities. Our large Festival/EXPO provides opportunity to share with the broader community all we offer. These smaller gatherings provide a time for us to sit together, eat together and get to know each other.

First Tuesday’s CALENDAR:

11:00 am – 12:15pm: YOGA with Ivana

Each month we invite you to join Ivana Ustariz for YOGA 

Location: Marblehead Zen Center located at St. Andrews, 135 Lafayette St  Marblehead, MA

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: Potluck/Meeting

Potluck presented by the Wisdom Council of North Shore Body, Mind & Spirit

Location: Varies – each month hosted by a member of the Body, Mind & Spirit Community.   Should you wish to host a gathering, please contact: 

Lauren K. Bodenski:

First Tuesday’s 2013

October 1st

12:30 pm – 1:00pm: Mingle

Body, Mind & Spirit Community gathers 

Location: St. Andrews, 135 Lafayette St  Marblehead, MA

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: Potluck/Meeting

Potluck presented by the Wisdom Council of North Shore Body, Mind & Spirit

Location:  Marblehead Zen Center located at St. Andrews, 135 Lafayette St  Marblehead, MA


November 5th

December 3rd

First Tuesday’s 2014 

January 7th

February 4th

March 4th

April 1st

May 6th

June 3rd

July 1st

August 5th

September 2nd

October 7th

November 4th

December 2nd


For press inquiries, contact:

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Notes from the Community

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