Contributions to Earth

Contributions to Earth honors and raises awareness of the positive efforts in both Environmental and Humanitarian fields. This series provides an in-depth look into non-profit, philanthropic and charitable organizations through personal interviews with key representatives and those who support them, as well as share beneficiary stories.

Hosted by: Carolena Presto

Created by: “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Development and Event Production: Cynthia Ellis

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carolena n marie IMG_2355
Carolena Presto (Host) & “Twinkle” Marie Manning (Creator & Executive Producer)

TV Show – History

Contributions to Earth was created by “Twinkle” Marie Manning as a TV for Your Soul production.  She dreamt it up in 2004, planting the first seeds in 2007 in Florida, recording some segments with local PBS affiliate station in Daytona Beach.  Filming began with Carolena as the host in 2010.  Contributions to Earth began airing locally in Boston in 2011.  Now airs throughout USA on local and public community television stations.

In 2012 Contributions to Earth transitioned its base to Brookline, MA, adding more than 500,000 households to our TV for Your Soul reach.

Above pictured: Carolena Presto (Host), Charlotte Firth (Producer), Andrea Kalsow (BATV Community Relations Coordinator), “Twinkle” Marie Manning (Creator/Executive Producer)

Guests of the show have included:

Carolena with Mary Richardson IMG_5061
Carolena with Guest, Mary Richardson, Mary Richardson, Boston Media Icon & Community Liaison for Steward Health Care System.
Holly Rose, Former President, Volusia Peace Center (Video Clips: Be Here NowPeace is an option)
Jonathan Erbe, Founder, (Video clip: Making a Great World)

Karen Masterson, Founder, This is My Face   (Video clips: Wise LeadershipWhy so Much intervention?How do you experience beauty?)

Jennifer Velis, Former Presided, LexFun! (Video clips: About LexFun!)

Jacqueline Martinez, Walk for Hunger

To be a guest, or suggest a topic, please email:


(Place “Contributions to Earth” in the subject bar)

Contributions to Earth is recognized by the Transformational Media Alliance.


Interview with Mary Richardson!
carolena casa myrna crop web150
Interview with Casa Myrna Leadership
carolena dress for crop web150
Interview with Dress for Success Boston!
carolena senator web 150
Interview with Senator Jamie Eldridge!

About Carolena Presto

Carolena Presto is the Host of this television series.  She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and compassion about issues that many on our planet are faced with.


I was raised to be a Humanitarian.  My parents taught me at a very young age to be kind to others; animals and to have compassion to those in need.  No matter how small a gesture; an act of kindness can lift someone’s spirits and may even change their entire life for ever.  Every day is a chance to offer up something positive to the earth.  

It has been a dream of mine to be a part of a production/workplace that delivered GOOD NEWS.  A chance to share with the world all the kindness that is passed on to people in need on a daily basis; not to focus on all the negativity that may be out there.  Informing viewers who the humanitarians are in their local community and across the country.  People that are not caught up in the ego of themselves and share what they have done for others; not just family but random strangers…to be self “LESS”…..:

~ Carolena Presto

Carolena was recognized by the Empowering Women movement for her work in philanthropy and towards the empowerment of women:

Carolena was a special-guest-host on Empowering Women BOSTON in April 2013 for a live-studio-audience recording:

Carolena and “Twinkle” Marie Manning, the Creator of Contributions to Earth, have developed a close friendship over the years:

Carolena joined “Twinkle” Marie Manning at an Empowering Women Summit in 2012 in Boston, MA.  The summit was in support of the launch of Empowering Women TV Show Boston-based Hub:

Carolena Presto (Host of Contributions to Earth) & Christine Lucas (Host on Empowering Women BOSTON)

Notes about Carolena Presto:

*Studied Musical Theater at the University of Mass/Boston

*SAG Actress (have worked in over 15 Major Motion Pictures and Indie films in the New England area).

*Former Aerobic Trainer (10 years)

*Animal Rescuer:  For the last 20 years Carolena has participated in rescuing many homeless; abused cats, dogs, birds…and any animal that she comes across in need of help.

*Developed S.O.U.L..Simple, Organized, Uncluttered Living.  (Organizational Designer) Showing clients how to live a more simple, “clutter free” lifestyle….re-organizing home and work spaces that are functional and clutter free.

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