• Television Production
  • Fundraising Events
  • Station Consultation & Development
  • Franchise Fee Negotiations
  • Event Management
  • Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Sponsor Generation
  • Casting & Scheduling Guests
  • Coaching Speakers

If you are an existing or emerging television station (PEG, community, public, or internet-based) seeking consultation or implementation of start-up or expansion planning to include: creation of business plan, program development, cable and municipal contract negotiations, marketing, fundraising, operations management, training, multi-media and community outreach, website development and technology integration, we can assist you through all these stages.

If you have an idea for a local community television show series or event that you would like help developing and producing, please send us an email with a brief description of your vision as well as some information about who you are and why you want to embark upon this project.

Note regarding independently organized TEDx events: We do not curate your speaker list.  It is up to the event host (Licensed TEDx Organizer) to determine who to select as TEDx Speakers.  Once selections have been made, we are happy to assist the speakers with preparations for their talks.

One of our primary areas of service is that of Signature Events and Fundraising endeavors in which we televise and archive online, such as panel discussions, celebrity interviews and community concerts.

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