Goddess Summits

The 2011 Goddess Summit took place in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. Hosted by TV for Your Soul’s founder and executive producer, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, an interfaith minister, retreat facilitator and dynamic spiritual leader. This summit of female spiritual leaders also included: ALisa Starkweather, Dale Allen, Elizabeth Stahl, Kiana Love, Lara Berry, Margaret Stewart, and Serpentessa.

In 2021 the footage was finally extracted and woven into a documentary feature as well as excerpts made available along with The Goddess Show one-on-one interviews with these and several other esteemed and honored guests in the sacred feminine leadership realm.

In November 2021 the episodes, ten in total including the Summit, will begin airing on local community television as well as online. To mark this milestone and celebrate the long awaited launch of these programs, Twinkle is hosting a Private VIP Celebratory gathering via Zoom on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 at 7:00pm Eastern. Future screenings and special events are being planned. To be on the invite list, email:

Productions@TVforYour Soul.com

Closing excerpt from the 2011 Goddess Summit:

We also recorded individual one-on-one interviews. For more information, visit: The Goddess Show series

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