Serpentessa was one of our special guests in the studio for a one-on-one interview for The Goddess Show. She was interviewed by Elizabeth Stahl and also led Elizabeth through a Snake Journey as a model for our audience. Additionally, Serpentessa was one of the honored guests for the 2011 Goddess Summit “Twinkle” Marie Manning hosted in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Serpentessa is a modern day Snake Priestess who practices Ancient Snake Medicine. Along with her Snakes as teachers, she works with individuals and groups who desire to be in the Garden of Earth. She is said to skillfully facilitate emotional journeys with her Snakes in a hands-on encounter to create the results wanted in one’s life. Her services are valued by spirit-led, wise-women leaders, nature lovers and heartfelt coaches desiring transformative Snake Encounters of Presence, Pleasure, Power and Purpose. ∞ Belly to belly, skin to skin, we and snakes and earth are kin. ∞

2011 Goddess Summit participants, Lexington, MA

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