Lisa Campion

In 2011 our hosts and crew went on-location to Lisa Campion’s studio! The style of her interview is distinct from the conversations we hosted in-studio. These archives are made possible thanks to the Empowering Women TV project.

Lisa Campion has been a practicing psychic for decades. She uses a combination of intuition, energy healing and therapeutic techniques to help clients understand themselves at a deeper soul level.

She is the Dean of Students at Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine as well as one of their lead teachers.  The three-year program she teaches trains healers in: Full Spectrum healing techniques, advanced energy anatomy, psychological and spiritual assessment and diagnostic tools. Her specialty as a psychic counselor is to work at the level of the soul, and she works with people at all levels of crossroads and transitions, be they amid a crisis or simply seeking guidance on their paths. 

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